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Saturday, 29 April 2006
Interview With Orkibal
Topic: Wunder Interviews
This email interview with Orkibal was made in early April 2006. To help you better understand his psyche, we intentionally left the answers in its original state.

Who is Orkibal? Are they the characters you paint?

Orkibal is an ordinary boy who loves to draw and sometimes indulge in porn which his old time fav is the Alisha Klass cumshot movie... damn. Umpppp not really... Orkibal was born way before i created all the monster thing...

You started off pasting stickers on the streets. Why did you do that?

Because before that i dont know where to expose my art ... everybody only want to go straight to the mainstream shit...for a beginner like me that easy stairway to heaven is i decide to produce stickers and put my art on streets whereas it gives me more space and freedom to do art and it?s a guarantee that the public can see my art everywhere, everytime and don?t have to pay shit to enjoy it at the moment and somehow exposes the unaware public that my art is rising in their eyes and mind.

What are your characters/artworks about?

I try to tell about me and everything around me... maybe a some sort of reflection. i came from a not really well funded family... and from a lil town
called sungai besi ... everybody there came from a working class environment ... we live with everything in limited fund and money so this shit really inspired me to do my art... blended with dark, sadness and a lil happiness.

Are you trying to send messages or concepts through your work? If so, what are they?

I just want to tell ppl that do/interpret you art honestly rather than being just a shitty poser ...

How do you plan to achieve this?

Set up a self foundation, do more art and get ppl to see it, streetstyle. Put it as an art blitzkrieg. And with help from the love of friends and families who understands art.

Why the usage of Malay texts in your work?

Because in my country most of the people who try to create their own art uses 'orang putih' aka English style or text ... for me im proud being a Malaysian..i want people to know my origin, even if its a little of Malaysia like the malay text in my work ... in the near future i want 'orang putih' to speak Malay language very well and its one of the most used language in the world right after english.

What do you want to achieve through your first solo exhibition in Singapore?

That i would be exposed more to the hopefuls of art society and really have to hear the minds and mouths who came to the exhibition. Hope somebody will invite me to achive that...that would be a great event for me because i cant see somebody anybody here (Malaysia) try to do that for people like me.

That it would be a life turning moment. Other than exposing what i love to do most to the people and make an honest living, breathing my art so it could feed me to do more art.

? Wunderspaze, April 2006

Posted by wunderspaze at 4:42 AM JST
Updated: Saturday, 29 April 2006 5:00 AM JST

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